South Carolina District Court Clarifies Statute of Repose

A SC District Court has reached a decision regarding a potential exception to the eight year statute of repose. Claims brought against an architecture firm and a contractor were barred as untimely despite alleged building code violations. Hampton Hall LLC v. Chapman Coyle Chapman & Associates Architects AIA Inc., et al., No. 17-1575, D. S.C., … Continue reading South Carolina District Court Clarifies Statute of Repose


Newman II Decision and SC Construction Defect Law

South Carolina has served as a mystery in its application of Comprehensive General Liability policies within the construction industry. Auto Owners v. Virginia Newman provided the Supreme Court of South Carolina an opportunity to clear up a seminal issue regarding coverage provided to contractors: Does the defective work of a subcontractor constitute an insurable loss within the insuring agreement which binds a General Contractor and its insurer. The much anticipated opinion might have served to further muddy the waters as the court relied on an obscure exclusion within the policy, rather than the much broader "subcontractor exclusion" to rule that coverage for some damages caused by a subcontractor's work is not covered.