Christopher Clay Olson

Attorney Christopher Clay Olson is a practicing lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina.  He is currently a partner with Harper Whitwell, PLLC.

Mr. Olson spends much of his focus litigating construction defect claims on behalf of building professionals.  Since being admitted to practice by the South Carolina Bar Association in 2000, Olson has litigated matters on behalf of general contractors, prime subcontractors, manufacturers and suppliers of building materials, artisan contractors, and those engaged as design professionals.

Clay defends construction defect matters as approved counsel for several insurance companies.  Mr. Olson’s construction defect practice is not limited to representing policyholders, however, as he has represented insurers in an advisory capacity when a coverage opinion is sought.  Mr. Olson proudly serves several regional construction and design entities as personal counsel.

In addition to construction issues, Clay Olson has and continues to litigate commercial lawsuits on behalf of retailers, restaurants, financial and credit institutions.


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