Settlement of Construction Defect Claim Without Involvement and Participation of Insurance Carrier is a poor idea

The Fourth Circuit has provided a reminder for lawyers to obtain consent from its insurers when settling construction defect claims. Otherwise, you risk losing coverage for the claim, which will prevent recovery from the insurer of any settlement amount that you paid. Gaylord National, LLC hired Perini/Tompkins Joint Venture (PT) in 2005 to serve as […]

Owners and Contractors Protective Liability Coverage Form

I intend to devote several upcoming posts on Owner Controlled Insurance Policies (“OCIP”) or “WRAP” coverage due to its continued emergence in the construction, insurance, and legal industries.  In an effort not to confuse, this article deals (“OCP”), which is an acronym for Owners and Contractors Protective Liability insurance coverage.  Coverage for Operations of Designated […]