Extreme Climatic Events Provide Important Insights For Resilient Design

Great post. High wind events are usually followed by construction defect and coverage suits so this is always pertinent.

The Building Enclosure

Extreme Weather 2 Extreme climatic conditions are those falling in the upper or lower tenth percentile of the local period of record. North American hygrothermal datasets rely on such extremes in simulating climatic effects on building performance. Prior to 2012, WUFI employed customized 30-year hourly data provided by the U.S. Department of Energy for the 1961-1990 period of record. This dataset was supplemented with hourly rainfall data, providing hygrothermal years selected from the 10th percentile of the warmest and coolest years. The DOE-WUFI climate files represent composite Hygrothermal Reference Years, not contiguous weather years.

In 2011, ASHRAE 1325-RP developed Moisture Design Reference Years (MDRY) from hourly climate records for 100 locations in the United States and 7 locations in Canada. The current data include a collection of three ‘worst’ years for each location. ASHRAE 1325 recommends the third year, which corresponds to the 10th percentile for a 30-year dataset and a severity event…

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