Interesting article which illustrates the fact that EIFS is still a relevant topic in the construction, legal, and consumer environment.

Stucco & Insulation Contractor

A relatively new modification to modern Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS, or “Synthetic Stucco”) are what is called (geek alert) Geometrically Defined Insulation Boards. What exactly does that mean?

puccs gddc

It’s a complex way of saying insulation with grooves cut into the back. The purpose of the grooves is to provide a way for water to drain out that gets behind the system. This helps to ensure that no moisture becomes trapped, causing mould or rot.

Why is this necessary? Well, it’s not if EIFS is installed by a skilled applicator, but was implemented to further assuage the fears of Architects. The problem is that even when the Architect properly specifies a system, General Contractors (and home owners) don’t always pay for true skilled applicators – and the applicators who charge less typically do so because they’re inexperienced. Less experience means higher chances of screwing up some part of an…

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